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Update on my Husband

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 28, 2015, 8:04 AM

As I wrote in my previous journal about my Husband his journey to recovery has been a slow uphill battle. He stayed at the Hospital rehab for 5 weeks. They decided he can be transferred to a sub acute rehab center to further his therapy to make coming home happen sooner.

 As soon as he arrived at the Sub Acute rehabilitation Facility he did not like the place. Everyday I went there and talked him down from his anxiety attacks.

It got to the point where he was so emotionally upset that it just broke my heart to leave him and come home.
Each day I wondered if I could care for him at home and have the Dr put an order in for him go into a out-patient day rehab instead of in-patient one like he is now

When I would bring this up with the staff there they would talk me out of it saying I could not handle taking care of him 24-7.That he was better off there etc etc . Until this last week.His anxiety levels had sky rocketed changing his behavior like a roller coaster and their solution was to increase his drugs to calm him so much so that he was always sleeping....I said screw this.... how is he suppose to improve his walking, strength and cognitive disabilities if he is always sleeping and refusing to do them. Whats the point of him being in this sub acute rehab center if that is all that is happening?

Especially by refusing his rehab sessions now all the progress he made prior at the hospital for 5 weeks was starting change. Instead of going forward getting stronger it looks like he was going backwards getting weaker.

After 2 weeks I could not take seeing him like this any longer so I started making lots of calls and spoke to Insurance people, Social workers and Day Rehab people, and all of us agreed that bringing him home and starting out patient rehab for him was best,  I then started finalizing the discharge and getting him home.

I knew it would not be easy because he still needs allot of help, but I figured if he was at home then his emotional health will improve because he would be where he is comfortable, then his motivation to get better and do his rehab will return and he will kick ass.

So on June 17th I picked him up  from the sub acute facility and brought him home. 

His loss of memory, short term memory and confusion is making the transition home a bit challenging but I am hopeful as time passes and when he starts his day rehab routine things will improve. He happy to be out of he sub acute facility but taking care of him at home is not as easy as I thought it would be.
But I will continue to push through it, Family and dear friends are helping allot, for which we are blessed to have

He is slowly adjusting to being home. Its been an uphill battle each day for sure, getting him around the house is ok but shower time is difficult and in and out of the house is hard, His forgetfulness and confusion makes each day more challenging than I expected it would be. I dunno I guess I expected him to miraculously get better once he was in his own home 

But I was wrong, he does not even recognize it as his home and constantly asks me when are we getting out of here ( he thinks we are still at sub acute )
I can not get him up in mornings to go to day rehab, he argues with me and his whole attitude changes to the "leave me alone, I don't care if I never walk, I don't care if we lose our house or can't pay bills. just put me away somewhere so you can live a happy life, I wish I were dead then everyone would be happy " mode. If I continue to fight him on it and try pulling covers off him or any physical action he loses it yelling and swearing to leave him alone. 
He even fights me to take his medicines.

Then he will want up later in afternoon with no memory at all of what he did in morning and then ask me why didn't we go to rehab and when I tell him why he says why didn't u just make me get up. I just sigh and shake my head because its not even worth explaining because he will forget what I say in 2 mins. But still tell him why he didn't get up and go and then he says hes sorry and promises he will get up to go the next day but I know that day will be like the other days even if he doesn't know.

Sighs.... I am trying very hard to be positive and keep hope alive but sometimes I can feel that I'm slipping...
I just miss my Husband...

Please continue to send prayers of healing for him and strength for me to continue taking care of him.
Thanks so much

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I wish I could do something to help bring peace to you and your family and I would hope you would reach out to all your friends here if you need something. That's what Notes and email are for :)
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